Same-sex marriage banned in Russia, Putin takes tough steps to increase ‘family values’

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 4:44 PM IST

Same Sex Marriage Ban In Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law on Monday. This law declares same sex marriage ban or those who marry ‘gender change’ illegal, shocking the LGBTQ + community. This new law of Putin prevents transgender people from becoming foster or adoptive parents.

passed unanimously in both houses
This bill was passed unanimously in both the houses. It prohibits any person from seeking medical help for ‘sex change’ or from changing one’s sex in official documents and public records. At the same time, in this new bill, medical help to those born from congenital anomalies has been kept in exception, that is, this law does not ban it.

Foster parent if not transgender
This new Russian law cancels the recognition of marriage by ‘gender change’ and prevents transgender people from becoming foster or adoptive parents. It is being told that this ban stems from the Kremlin’s crusade to protect ‘Traditional Values’. At the same time, the law makers said that it has been started to save Russia from the ‘anti-family’ ideology of western countries. People believe that sex change is a ‘satanic process’.

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started decades ago
Decades ago began to eliminate LGBTQ+ beliefs in Russia. When President Putin supported the beliefs to protect ‘traditional family values’ supported by the Church. In 2013, the Kremlin banned “non-traditional sexual relations” among minors. At the same time, in 2020, Putin declared gay marriage illegal and banned its promotion.

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