Tension will increase further from North Korea! US deployed another submarine in South Korea, angry dictator fired two ballistic missiles last week

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 4:05 PM IST


Conventional weapons deployed on submarine powered by nuclear power plant
America, The. Korea considering arrangement for training of submarine operations

Seoul. The US has deployed another nuclear-capable submarine (US Second Submarine) in South Korea to demonstrate its power to respond to North Korea’s nuclear threats. The South Korean army gave this information on Monday.

The army said that this is the second major submarine sent by the US to the Korean Peninsula in the month of July. According to the military, the USS Annapolis submarine entered Jeju Island about a week after the USS Kentucky submarine arrived at the mainland port of Busan. The USS Kentucky was the first nuclear-armed submarine to be deployed to South Korea since the 1980s.

Dictator provoked by America’s move in South Korea, fired two ballistic missiles

North Korea fired ballistic and cruise missiles in response to this deployment. Through these missile launches, it allegedly tried to show that it has the capability to target South Korea and the US submarine stationed in the area.

The main goal of the USS Annapolis is to destroy ships and submarines of enemy countries. This submarine is operated from a nuclear power plant. But conventional weapons have been deployed on it.

South Korean Navy spokesman Jang Do Young said the USS Annapolis submarine arrived in Jeju mainly to transport supplies. But the forces of America and South Korea are also considering whether to arrange training for the operation of the submarine or not.

On the other hand, North Korea on Monday maintained silence on US soldier Travis King (23) who crossed the border from South Korea and entered the country earlier this month.

King served nearly two months in a South Korean prison last October for attacking an unidentified man and damaging a police vehicle in Seoul. King was released on July 10 and was to return home to Fort Bliss, Texas, on Monday, where he could face additional military action and dismissal from the service.

However, instead of going to Texas, King accompanied a group of tourists on Tuesday morning to visit the demilitarized zone that divides South and North Korea and crossed into the North Korean border.

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