Indian student attacked by car robbers in Canada, dies after grievous injuries

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 2:43 PM IST

Toronto. A 24-year-old Indian student working as a food delivery partner in Canada was brutally attacked and killed by car thieves. According to media reports, Gurvinder Nath was delivering pizzas at Britannia and Creditview Road in Mississauga on July 9 at around 2 a.m. local time when unidentified suspects attacked him and tried to rob his car. Police said that ‘officers probing the case believe that several suspects are involved and the food order was given as a means of luring the driver to come to the area’.

Police have obtained an audio recording of a pizza order placed before the attack. Police said that after Gurvinder Nath arrived, he was “violently attacked” and seriously injured by a suspect. The suspects looted Gurvinder Nath’s car and fled from the spot after committing the crime. Before Nath was taken to the trauma center, many people came to his aid and pleaded for help. He was taken to the hospital, where Nath was declared brought dead on 14 July. India’s Consul General in Toronto, Siddhartha Nath, said Gurvinder Nath’s death was a ‘heartbreaking loss’.

He said that the Consulate General has contacted Gurvinder Nath’s family after his death. Police said that Gurvinder Nath’s car was found abandoned in the area of ​​Old Creditview and Old Derry Road a few hours after the attack. Which is less than five kilometers from the place of crime. The police have done a forensic examination of the car and ‘many’ evidences have been recovered. Police say that there is no information about any enmity between Nath and the attackers. The mortal remains of Gurvinder Nath will be brought to India on July 27 with the help of the Indian Consulate General in Toronto.

Gurvinder Nath arrived in Canada from India in July 2021 and had plans to open his own business. More than 200 people gathered for a candlelight march for Nath in Mississauga on Saturday. On this occasion, people said that Nath had come to Canada with the hopes of his family and now his family is struggling with the grief of losing one of their three sons. Bobby Sidhu, a friend of a relative of Nath, said that ‘you come to Canada with a dream. But these people stole a dream.

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