US Secretary of State said- Ukraine has taken back 50 percent of the land from the occupation of Russia… the war will go on for months now

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 1:39 PM IST

Kyiv. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, who knew that this war would go on for so long. Now such a turn has come in this from where Ukraine is rising again and Russia’s condition is starting to look weak. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Ukraine has taken back half of the occupied land by attacking Russia.

In an interview to CNN, Blinken said, “Now Ukraine is fighting to get back more and more land occupied by Russia. However, it (Ukraine) has got back 50 percent of the initially occupied land. He is fighting a very hard battle to get his land back. Although this is the beginning of the counter-attack, it is a very difficult period.

there’s still more to fight
The US Secretary of State told that in front of Ukraine’s retaliatory attack, the Russians have made strong security arrangements. And unlike Russians, Ukrainians are fighting for their land, for their future, for their country, for their freedom. He said that I think this is the decisive thing and this will continue. But this is not a matter to be settled in a week or two. I think it may take several months.

America gave billions of dollars in military aid
Since the start of the conflict, the United States has provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in military aid, including the recent controversial decision to release cluster munitions. Despite concerns from some US allies such as the United Kingdom about the dangers to civilians from such weapons, US President Joe Biden stressed the importance of supporting Ukraine, including providing them with munitions.

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Ukraine alleges delay due to non-supply of arms
And despite billions of dollars in aid, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Sunday blamed a lack of military supplies for the country’s delay in retaliating. Zelensky told CNN, “Our plan was to launch an attack in the spring. But we could not do this because, we did not have enough war material and weapons. Our brigade was not even trained for these weapons. Responding to Zelensky’s allegation, America’s top diplomat said that we can understand the situation in Ukraine, if I were in the place of our Ukrainian friend and partner, I would probably say exactly the same thing. Blinken said that a coalition of about 50 different countries is together in support of Ukraine. Lloyd Austin is leading the process on behalf of the Army. Different countries are doing different things at different times.

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