The cat saved the life of the mistress by giving its own life, now preparing to go to the court for justice, know the interesting case

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 7:32 PM IST

Vikram Kumar Jha / Purnia. People cross borders for love. Be ready to do anything for this. One such case came in Purnia. Where he is ready to go to court to get justice for his pet. In fact, the pet cat of a teacher living in Raniptra of Purnia died after coming in contact with an electric wire. If that cat had not gone, it would have died. After this, he also made a written complaint to the electricity department officer, but justice was not received. After this she is making up her mind to go to court.

Saving the life of the mistress by giving her own life

Retired teacher Archana Dev told that the electric wire had fallen in the morning. Made a sound from outside. After this I was about to leave when my cat reached there. After this, due to current in the wire, he died there. If she did not reach before me, then my death was certain. After which Archana Dev cried bitterly for hours on the death of her cat. After this, the concerned electricity department was informed about the open wire by giving a written application. But till now no concerned person from the department has come to investigate. She is worried because of the open electric wire just in front of the threshold of her house. Archana Dev says that the cat was like a family member, if justice is not given to it, then she is ready to go to court.

Archana Dev says that for others it may be a cat or a dog, but for her it is a deity. Since last 1998, she is taking care of dog and cat as her domestic members. Just like a member of the family. His routine used to start and end with me. Both used to rest together. He said that he has never seen him in the form of cat and dog, he is the deity of his house.


FIRST PUBLISHED : July 25, 2023, 19:24 IST