Being too happy is also dangerous! The boy screamed in happiness, his lungs burst.

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 7:10 PM IST

More than one incidents come to the fore in the world. Sometimes we get to hear something that we cannot even imagine. You must have seen people getting choked up by shouting, but you would have rarely seen or heard someone’s lungs bursting due to shouting. One such news has come from China, according to which a boy’s lungs burst open due to shouting.

This strange incident happened with a 19-year-old boy living in Shenzhen, China. The boy had gone to see the performance of his favorite band. Being over-excited here, he shouted so loudly that his lungs got pierced. According to the report of the Chinese media, the boy had to face such a wonderful situation instead of shouting his heart out.

The boy screamed so that his lungs burst
The name of the boy has not been revealed but according to the report the boy was attending the concert. He was so happy on the performance of the band that he started shouting his heart out. During this, he had severe pain in the chest and also started having difficulty in breathing. Soon the boy fell down unconscious. When he was taken to Shenzhen Hospital, the doctors told that his lung had burst. The reason for this is shouting loudly.

this has happened before
If you are hearing about such an incident for the first time, then tell that this is not the first such case. In the year 2017 too, a fan felt the same. Then a girl will have to face the problem of bursting lungs in the concert because of shouting loudly during the concert. Apart from this, even during karaoke performance and singing, people have had the problem of bursting lungs.

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