The history of this panchayat of Rajasthan is unique, no police case happened for 25 years

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 6:50 PM IST

Krishna Kumar/Nagaur. There is no monarchy in India but democracy. In present India, the people are paramount. Today, you will be informed about such a sarpanch elected by the people, who was made sarpanch five times by the people. Yes, Prem Singh Bhati, the sarpanch of Khinvsar, was such a sarpanch whose stories are still remembered by the people of Khinvsar.

Such a personality, whose justice system and benevolent spirit towards the public and the person who lived for the public, the name of the former sarpanch of Khinvsar Late Premsingh Bhati is on the tongue of the people. Because of his affection for the public and with the justice system, he used to work keeping in mind the interest of the public. Looking at his deeds and his behavior, the villagers together made his statue in the main market of Khivansar.

Prem Singh Bhati was born in the year 23 August 1933. His life was always devoted to the people. Bhati used to work in the fort of Khivansar before becoming Sarpanch. In the year 1965, he contested for the post of Sarpanch and the public made him Sarpanch five times in a row. Not only this, Bhati always used to welcome and honor the opponent by garlanding him and wearing a turban at the time of elections. He died on 24 June 1991. Devisingh Bhati’s tenure was from 1965 to 1990.

Used to do justice by rising above caste discrimination

Local resident Devi Singh says that Prem Singh Bhati was known for his justice. He never did justice on the basis of caste. If there was a quarrel between any two parties, then he used to do justice by making both the parties sit in front of him. Apart from this, the guilty person was also punished. The kind of crime committed by the person, they used to give the same type of punishment.

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No police case happened for 25 years

Premsingh Bhati’s justice can be gauged from the fact that the people of Khinvsar elected Premsingh to the post of Sarpanch five times and there was not a single police case during his tenure, if there was a case, Premsingh Bhati was informed by the police. This information has been taken from the villagers. Devisingh Rathore and Babulal Vaishnav have told about this information.

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