Now the common man will also be able to eat the ‘bread’ of the jail, the captive canteen is starting in this city of UP

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 6:40 PM IST

Akhand Pratap Singh /Kanpur : If you also want to taste the food of jail without going to jail, now it will be possible. Yes, according to the intention of the District Magistrate of Kanpur, now the captive canteen will be started. The food of this canteen will be provided to the common people. Due to this, not only the people coming to the court will be able to get food in less money. Along with this, the prisoners will also be able to get their remuneration. If this experiment is successful, people will be able to enjoy jail food even while sitting at home.

Yoga avoids going to jail in future

There is also a belief that if you eat jail bread to avoid faraway yoga, then the possibility of going to jail in future can be averted. Till now it was not possible. But this will be possible once the captive canteen is started. On the initiative of the District Magistrate of Kanpur, Visakh ji, a counter canteen is being started by making a counter at the gate of the district jail. Jail Superintendent of District Jail, Dr. B.P. Pandey told that at present, the prisoners engaged in the kitchen of the jail cook food for their fellow prisoners.

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prisoners will get work

Now when the prisoner canteen is being started. In this way, not only the prisoners will get work, but the prisoners here will also get to learn. For which a counter is being prepared outside the jail gate. This counter will be ready this month itself. From next month, preparations are on to start jail food from here. The rate of sale of food has not been decided yet. They will also be fixed as soon as possible, the prices will be kept low, so that everyone can easily buy food from here.

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