Hanuman Chalisa as long as finger nails! Lamination also on all 15 pages of this book

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 6:29 PM IST

Sandeep Saini / Hisar: Hanumanji and Hanuman Chalisa have a special place in Sanatan Dharma. If you also belong to Sanatan Dharma, then you must have recited your Hanuman Chalisa, but have you ever seen Hanuman Chalisa of one centimeter? Yes, a Hanuman Chalisa of one centimeter. Jitendra Pal Singh of Hisar, Haryana has surprised everyone by writing Hanuman Chalisa on a one centimeter book.

Jitendra Pal Singh of Hisar, who specializes in making miniature artwork, has made a Hanuman Chalisa book of one centimeter. Jitendra Pal Singh claims that he has prepared the Hanuman Chalisa book one centimeter long and half a centimeter wide. Hanuman Chalisa has been written on 15 pages in this book. At the same time, there is also a picture of Hanumanji lifting the mountain on its cover. All the 15 pages of this book made by him have been laminated so that they do not get damaged.

took 15 days to write
According to Jitendra Pal Singh, it took 15 days to write this short Hanuman Chalisa. Told that people can easily read this Hanuman Chalisa. Please tell that Jitendra Pal Singh is a teacher by profession and he teaches drawing to children in a private school. Jitendra Pal Singh has made around 70 micro art works. The names of many of his subtle artworks have been recorded in Limca Book of Records, India Book of and Asia Book of. For this, he has been honored many times by government and non-government organizations.

Jitendra has earned name from these subtle artifacts
Jitendra Pal has made flags of 118 countries on grains of rice, pictures of 10 Sikh Gurus on grains of gram, 70 miniature artworks including the smallest Hanuman Chalisa and got his name registered in 35 records including Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records. Not only this, Jitendra Pal, the then Governor of the state, Dhanik Lal Mandal, has been honored by many government and non-government organizations including the then Governor Mahavir Prasad in the Republic Day celebrations.

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