Tourist forgot his phone in the resort, strange wallpaper was on the lock screen! embarrassed to see

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 6:03 PM IST

In today’s time, mobile has become such an important thing that people do not forget it even after forgetting it. People set mobile phones according to their choice. That is, its ringtone, wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, font design etc. are also kept according to their mind. Sometimes they are so strange that for this reason people do not give the phone in the hands of others, prefer to keep it only with themselves. But think what will happen when someone’s personal phone is lost somewhere and others also know its secret! Of course, people will see and read that secret with a lot of chatter. The same happened with a tourist when he forgot his phone in a resort in Australia (Tourist phone lock screen wallpaper) whose lock screen had a big secret written on it.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, people come to Kosciuszko National Park in Australia to enjoy skiing on the snow. There is a Perisher Ski Resort here where this funny incident happened. Actually, a tourist had come to visit this National Park and he stayed at Perisher Resort. But he forgot his phone. The phone was handed over to the booking office of the resort.

lock screen wallpaper 1

A checklist was written on the wallpaper on the lockscreen. (Photo: Facebook/Perisher Snow Lovers)

Strange wallpaper was on the person’s phone
The lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S-20 phone had a photo on it with some goals written on it. Either the person must have planted it to motivate himself, or it must have been planted as a reminder. The resort posted this photo on a Facebook group, Perishers Snow Lovers Group. The people of the resort were also quite surprised after reading this.

There are 8 points written on the lock screen which are as follows-
1. Gaining 87 kg by exercising
2. Quitting all forms of nicotine
3. Having 25 thousand dollars in the bank account
4. Buying a motorcycle
5. Getting better at fighting
6. Getting good marks in university
7. Dating 3 girls at once
8. Do not cut hair for 3 months

Some points are still fine, like the talk of quitting cigarette-tobacco or exercising, but the points of dating girls or not getting hair cut are quite strange.

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