While cooking, a fire broke out in the pan, the chef sprinkled water to extinguish it, the condition became dreadful

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 5:51 PM IST

Accidents happen anytime. Humans do not have control over some accidents. But most of the accidents happen due to negligence. Human beings commit such mistakes or can say stupidity, due to which accidents happen. Many times the result of these accidents becomes dreadful. A video of one such incident was shared on social media. After seeing this, you will not do such negligence.

It is often believed that the field in which he is, he has knowledge of everything related to it. That is, if someone is a dentist, then he will be aware of all the problems related to the teeth, it is believed. In the same way, it can be assumed that a chef will be aware of everything related to the kitchen along with food and drink. But this cannot be said after watching the video which is going viral on social media. The stupidity of a chef overshadowed him.

water poured into a burning pan
The video was recorded in a kitchen. Suddenly a fire broke out in a pan on the gas. When the chef came there, he tried to extinguish the fire of the pan with air. But this could not happen. After thinking for a while, the chef did the biggest stupidity ever. The chef poured water into the burning pan. As soon as he did this, there was a loud bang in the kitchen.

What is the solution?
As soon as the chef poured water into the pan, the fire spread further. People commented on the stupidity of the chef after watching this video. One person wrote that despite being a chef, this person did not know that this should not be done. Whenever such a situation is faced, the gas should be turned off. After this the burning vessel should be closed with any lid. Due to this, there will be a lack of oxygen and the fire will automatically extinguish.

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