Patna is the state whose capital is Bihar – this was told by the headmaster in charge of a government school, watch video

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 5:25 PM IST

Gulshan Kashyap / Jamui. The headmaster in charge of the school tells that Patna is a state, whose capital is Bihar, what will be the future of the children of that school. We are talking about Neem Nawada Panchayat of Khaira block of Jamui district. Dashrath Yadav is the headmaster in charge of the upgraded middle school here. They tell that Patna is a state whose capital is Bihar. Many easy questions of general knowledge were asked to him, but he did not know the answer to any question. It is a different matter that the children of class 8 of the same school answered all these questions. Watch the video attached with the news to hear the reply of the headmaster in charge.

For a long time, efforts are being made to improve the education system in government schools. Additional Chief Secretary of Education Department KK Pathak took many new and tough decisions. After these decisions, everyone’s eye is on the education system in Bihar. People hope that maybe this will improve the condition of the schools and the future of the children can be better. But along with the arrangements, improving the condition of the teachers is no less than a challenge for the department. Actually, there are many teachers who neither know the capital of the states nor the answers to the easy questions of general knowledge. Not only this, he does not even remember the names of 12 months properly.

Dashrath Yadav, the in-charge headmaster of Neem Nawada Panchayat of Neem Nawada Panchayat of Khaira block area of ​​Jamui district, does not know anything. When he was asked the capital of states like Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, he could not answer any. Not only this, in his eyes Patna is a state whose capital is Bihar. Dashrath Yadav is in limelight because of his answer and now the question has started to arise as to how such teachers who do not even have knowledge of general knowledge, were made the head of the school.

It is noteworthy that earlier the teacher who was posted first, was made the head of the school on the basis of preference. But from last year this rule has been changed and the princes are selected after taking the test of merit.

Unlike school head Dashrath Yadav, Shantanu Kumar, who is studying in class VIII of the same school, knows the answers to all the questions. Shantanu Kumar wrote the names of all the states of the country along with their capitals. Not only this, Shantanu knows the names of Union Territories as well.

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