Farmer found in crocodile’s stomach! 14 feet long ‘demon’ was ripped out, the search for the person was going on for 4 days

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 4:49 PM IST

There is probably no need to tell anyone about how dangerous crocodiles are because everyone knows through TV or social media that if a human or animal comes in front of a crocodile (Farmer found inside crocodile stomach) then it is impossible to survive. These days a heartbreaking news from Malaysia has surprised everyone. An incident here has once again reminded people that it is better to stay away from crocodiles.

According to the report of the Daily Star and Mirror website, a dead body of a human has been found in the stomach of a 14 feet long giant crocodile. He was a farmer who was missing for the last 4 days. He was being searched but no clue was found. When the crocodile was ripped apart, the dead body of the farmer was recovered from its stomach.

The farmer was in the crocodile’s stomach!
Eddie Bangsa, 60, was missing for 4 days. His family was very upset and was trying everything possible to find him. But his search came to an end when the dead body of an elderly man was found in the crocodile’s stomach. The family found his dead body in Tawao, Malaysia where a 14 feet long crocodile was found. The search came to a sad end after representatives from the Sabah Wildlife Department cut open the giant reptile’s abdomen and discovered Bangsa’s remains inside the animal.

Dead body removed after killing crocodile
At this time it is unknown how the investigators or the search parties came to know that the body was found inside the crocodile. According to the report, its identity was confirmed by examining the parts found inside the dead animal, which were pieces of Bangsa’s own body. Tavao Fire and Rescue Station chief Gemishin Ujin has confirmed that family members of the deceased were present when the crocodile was beheaded. The animal was shot before being bitten, where the remains were found and later confirmed to be the missing farmer. The weight of the crocodile was about 800 kg.

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