Woman goes to get food by flying in an airplane, lives in such a place, where nothing is far away!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 4:05 PM IST

There are many such things in the world, about which we do not even know. We live such a convenient life that it becomes difficult to even imagine the problems without it. Whenever I wanted, I ate whatever I wanted, went to watch movies for entertainment or went to clubs and pubs to entertain myself. There are some places in this world where all these things are like a dream.

Today we will tell you about a place where a person has to stay away from all the comforts while living. Leave shops and shopping malls here, there is no proper place to eat food. If someone wants to eat and drink something good, then he has to go directly to the aircraft and bring food.

Food has to be brought by plane
According to the report of Mirror, this place is Port Ellsworth in Alaska, USA. Salina Ellsworth, a 25-year-old woman living here, told that there are no roads, no supermarket and no hospital or pub. Only 186 people live here, where the number goes up to 400 in the tourist season. Since here is Celina’s ancestral resort, she lives here with her husband Jared Richardson. She tells that if she has to do something special, then she has to go at least 200 miles by plane to bring food. She has lived here for five generations.

it’s not easy living in a beautiful place
Although this place is so beautiful that people come to visit, but living here is challenging. Only small aircraft can operate here because the roads are also not in a proper condition. You can also see the animals resting here. The nearest city from here is Anchorage, from where things are brought here only through aircraft. There is only a small clinic in the village, where there is facility of maternal ward and there is also a gift shop. In winter, there is a lot of fog and snow and this is the most difficult time.

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