Amazing amazing Madhya Pradesh! Electric poles were left standing in the middle of the road, the road was ready

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:21 PM IST

Akash Gaur / Morena. Madhya Pradesh is strange and its exploits are also strange. Strange cases keep on being seen here. Whenever a road is built here, the officials forget to remove the pole on the road. So somewhere it does not take 10 days for the road to be built and the road gets uprooted.

Yes, this type of case has been seen in Morena, here the road is being constructed on Jaura Khurd Road, the road has been put up to some extent, but there are poles on the beach road. Perhaps the officials have not paid attention to these polos or they have forgotten to remove them.

Poles on the road inviting accidents

When the common man of Morena also sees these poles, he laughs seeing these poles somewhere. Not only this, being on the middle of the road, these poles are also inviting accidents. Will this pole road be completed when it will be removed?

Vijay Dandotia, a resident of Morena Vasi as well as Jaura Khurd, says that Morena Municipal Corporation does magic. Now first the road will be built, but after that when I remember that the poles are still there. After which pits are made in the road again, then it is corrected again, due to which the money of the government is also wasted.

Officer said – will talk to the corporation

On the other hand, Morena Additional Collector Narottam Bhargava says that the road has been laid on Jaura Khurd Road, why the pole shifting has not been done by the Municipal Corporation. Will discuss about this at present pole shifting has not been done. If pole shifting is done later, due to which the road also gets damaged and in whatever government work is done, such works are completed beforehand.