Don’t leave your toothbrush in the bathroom while staying in a hotel! The manager told the reason, it is important for the guests to know

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:09 PM IST

Whenever people go for a trip to another city, they book a hotel there, in which they stay for a few days, roam around the city well and enjoy there. While staying in the hotel, the guests start considering the room as their own room and keep the things in the room and bathroom just like that. Toothbrush is also one such thing that people keep near the bathroom sink or in a stand. As long as he stays in the hotel, that brush remains lying in the same stand. But this should not be done even by mistake. There is a very strange reason behind this (Never leave toothbrush in hotel room reason), about which a hotel manager himself has given information.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, a woman named Melissa was earlier a hotel manager. Now she gives travel tips and suggestions (Hotel advice by manager) to people through @melly_creations_ account on social media. 600 people follow him on Instagram but he has more than 70 thousand followers on Tiktok. According to the report, Melissa has recently posted a video on Tiktok in which she has given information about why you should not leave your toothbrush in the bathroom while staying in the hotel.

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Melissa was earlier a hotel manager, now she gives travel tips to people on social media. (Photo: Instagram/@melly_creations_)

Because of this the brush should not be left outside
Melissa said that many times the guests behave rudely with the hotel staff and vent their anger on them. The hotel’s name should not be spoiled, so the staff does not say anything to the guest at that time and suppresses his anger, but he takes his revenge by tampering with the guest’s belongings. House cleaning staff come and clean the rooms when guests leave the hotel. In such a situation, if the guests leave their toothbrushes in the bathroom, then the cleaners of the room clean the sink and many dirty things in the bathroom with their brush to vent their anger.

It is suggested to keep the brush in the bag after cleaning the teeth.
Melissa said that when she was a manager, she had occasionally heard of such behavior by a staff member. However, Melissa has not done anything like this till date and if anyone was ever caught doing such an act in front of her, she would definitely have fired him. He suggested people that whenever they use a toothbrush in a hotel room, after using it, put it back in the bag.

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