Canker became for BPSC teacher recruitment candidates! Marriage relationship breaking, increasing sorrow

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 1:27 PM IST

Nakul Kumar / East Champaran. After passing TET, STET etc., the relationship for marriage of young men and women was being decided on a large scale. The girls used to hope that sooner or later their son-in-law would become a government teacher, but ever since the process of recruitment of teachers in the seventh phase has started by the BPSC, since then this examination has become a canker for the future teachers of Bihar. The situation is that the relationship between the teacher candidates (which includes both men and women) has broken down. People are afraid that if the candidate is not able to pass the BPSC exam then he will not be able to become a teacher. In such a situation, where many candidates have taken it as a challenge, many are sad. As the date of BPSC teacher exam is getting closer, the pain of the candidates is slowly coming to the fore.
The candidates of Mission BPSC Teacher Group, who are preparing for BPSC teacher and doing group study, shared their heartache with Local18.Chandan Kumar told that in this group, 120 numbers and 100 numbers sets are made. After this copy checking is done. During this, the candidates who have any doubt or difficulty in solving the question, solve it by discussing with their fellow candidates. At the same time, the result is issued after copy checking. This lets the candidates know what is the level of their preparation. Accordingly, they start preparing again.

broken marriage
Nitesh Kumar of this group says that we already knew that there would be direct joining in the restoration of the seventh phase. But the government has done this restoration through BPSC. He smiles and says that earlier the marriage was fixed, but after coming to BPSC, the relationship broke down. Arvind Kumar Tripathi of Ghorasahan has been preparing for the last 10 years by living in Motihari. They are unhappy about the syllabus of BPSC teacher. It is said that we are preparing with faith in God. On the other hand, Mevalal Kumar says that if the government had to do the same, it would have told it a year in advance. We used to make our preparations accordingly.


FIRST PUBLISHED : July 25, 2023, 13:19 IST