This girl sleeps with dangerous snake, kisses on lips, shared ‘romantic’ video

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 1:16 PM IST

The feeling of love is very special. It does not tolerate even a moment’s distance. Love can happen anytime and with anyone. Earlier this love did not see the bond of caste and religion. After this the boy started falling in love with the boy and the girl with the girl. Today, in the video that we are going to show you, the girl present in it has fallen in love with a snake and not with a human. She has fallen madly in love with her pet snake.

Everyone was surprised to see the snake wrapped around the girl’s neck. But it had no effect on the girl. She was very normal. Instead of fear and dread, a smile appeared on the girl’s face. The girl was continuously kissing the snake. Also she was lying very comfortably with him. The girl herself made a video of it and shared it on social media.

Snake also expressed love
In this viral video, a girl was seen lying on the sofa with a snake. The snake was wrapped around her neck. There was not a single line of fear on the girl’s face. She was lying very comfortably with the snake. Also she was kissing him continuously. Whenever the girl kisses the snake, he also expresses love to her. At last the snake rested its face on the girl’s face. The girl got emotional seeing this.

people called crazy
As soon as its video was shared on social media, it went viral. People called the girl mad. Many wrote in the comments that it is very dangerous. An animal like a snake can never be a pet. In this way, either he can take the girl’s life by tying a noose around her neck, or can even bite her. At the same time, a user wrote that what is this girl doing with her ex?

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