fear of wires haunting people in Nagaur, dangling high tension wires are inviting death – News18 Hindi

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 12:10 PM IST

Krishna Kumar / Nagaur. Electricity is one of the resources of human comfort. Every human takes care of electric wires. In Maheshnagar of Merta City, the fear of these stars has started troubling the residents there. Somewhere the distance of stars from the houses is less than one feet. In such a situation, people are always afraid of electric wires. In fact, despite informing the people of the Electricity Department several times, it is not paying attention to the problems of the people. Three 33 KV lines pass through the residential colony in Maheshnagar of Merta City. The high tension wires of these lines pass near the houses and these wires are seen hanging near people’s houses.

Deepak Soni, a resident of Merta City, told that 3 lines of 33kv high tension are passing in the residential colony of Mahesh Nagar Dangawas. The height of these wires from the road is only around 15 feet. Due to such a low height, there is always a danger of public harm. The same Deepak Soni told that two to three people have lost their lives in the past.

population living around 7 thousand

Deepak says that about 200 houses have been built in this residential colony and there is a population of about 7 thousand. Due to these wires in this colony two or three people have lost their lives in the past also. Public loss can happen anytime due to the careless department. People say that they have given memorandum many times but no action has been taken. Due to these stars, there is always fear in the rainy season. Because only during the rainy days, lightning also keeps on crackling in the sky. Because the distance of wire from many people’s houses is less than one feet.

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