This is how ice cream is prepared in the factory, so much dirt is hidden behind the test, if you watch the video, you will never eat it

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 11:50 AM IST

Who does not like to eat ice cream? Tasty, cold ice cream makes anyone’s heart happy. If the mood is off then you will feel better after eating ice cream. Many brands of ice cream are present in the market in many flavors. People choose their favorite flavor according to their choice. But have you seen them being made in the factory? There are many people who make ice cream, who make and sell it in the local market. Their prices are less than branded ice creams. But have you ever seen how to make them?

A video of an ice cream factory was shared on social media. This is being told the video of a local ice cream maker’s factory. After seeing the way in which ice cream is being prepared, you will probably never eat it. No one working in the factory was wearing gloves. Along with this, they were seen mixing in an unhygienic manner and keeping them in dirty utensils.

Will forget to eat ice cream
The method of making ice cream in this factory was very dirty. Without the help of any machine, all the work was being done here by hand. But the problem is not this. The problem is that none of the employees was wearing gloves in their hands. Just like that, he was seen whipping the cream with bare hands and adding oil to it. After this hand was also used to apply chocolate on top of the cream.

will get sick
After watching the video, you will think hundred times before buying local ice cream. After eating ice cream prepared in this way, your health is confirmed to be bad. They were seen being prepared without any hygiene. The video went viral as soon as it was shared. In the comments, many people asked the name of its brand. At the same time, many wrote that this is a video of a local ice cream factory. Good companies don’t prepare ice cream like this. Special care is taken for cleanliness there.

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