Fishermen hunted dolphins in Yamuna, did a heart-wrenching act! the police followed

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 11:29 AM IST

Dolphins are very calm species of fish which are very rare and are not easily visible. Dolphins are protected species of fish in India, so hunting them is a crime. Recently this crime has been committed in Uttar Pradesh. This incident has surprised everyone because the people who hunted the dolphin (Fishermen catch dolphin from Yamuna), did such an act with him that now the police is after them.

According to reports, some fishermen in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh have hunted dolphins (Fishermen eat dolphin from Yamuna). Not only the prey, they killed and ate it too! A video of this incident has also surfaced, seeing which there has been a stir and now the police is looking for those fishermen. One has also been arrested and a fisherman has been arrested through him.

fishermen eat dolphin uttar pradesh

Dolphins are protected species of fish in India. (Representational photo: Canva)

Fishermen ate dolphin after killing it
According to the PTI report, Forest Ranger Ravindra Kumar of Chail area of ​​Kaushambi has lodged an FIR with the police. He told that 4 fishermen hunted a dolphin while fishing, then after killing it, they ate the dolphin. Pipri police station SHO Shravan Kumar Singh told that on the morning of 22 July, 4 fishermen of Nasirpur village were fishing in Yamuna river when a dolphin got entangled in their net. He carried the fish on his shoulder and then took it to a house and cooked it and ate it.

A fisherman was arrested
According to the forest ranger, some people passing by made a video of the fishermen. Based on the complaint of the forest ranger, a case has been registered against Ranjit Kumar, Sanjay, Dewan and Baba under the Wildlife Protection Act (1972), police told PTI. Ranjit Kumar has been arrested and is being interrogated, the SHO said, adding that efforts are on to nab the rest of the accused.

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