OMG! Humans live on trees here in Bihar, have been living the life of birds for 15 years, watch video

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 11:10 AM IST

Satyam Kumar / Bhagalpur. A village in Bhagalpur district where people live like birds. The people here do not live in houses but on trees. Not only this, they are forced to live on trees with their children and animals. Even big snakes live in the houses and we live among them. This is the story of Shanatnagar Bagder garden of Sabour block of the district. Actually, this garden in the district is not famous for bird’s nests but for human nests.

The whole district comes in the grip of flood. Along with this erosion also happens in the district. Erosion victims start searching for their shelter. Babupur, Rajnandipur used to be a big village. Who slowly went on getting absorbed in the lap of the Ganges. People started searching for their whereabouts. That’s why people from there came and settled in Shantnagar. Due to this area being a low-lying area, it gets submerged completely. It becomes very rare for the people of this place to make a living. No drinking water, no toilet facilities and no food, how would life be spent?

Life is going on like this for 15 years

This is surprising. If you think of this scenario then your hair will stand on end. But for almost 15 years, his life is going on like this. Every year they build their new house. Every year it breaks in flood. The people of the village told that if the government gives us land somewhere, then somehow we will build houses.

Nests are also ending slowly

This time the trees which used to be the support of humans are also not left. The time has come for the flood. The people of this place have started making 13 feet high scaffolding. Slowly they have started taking their belongings to a safe place. Village woman Anita Devi told that life becomes painful as soon as the water comes. Even there is no support. Even the boat has not been arranged by the government. We make a sheet boat. He has to come and go, but there is always fear. The sheet boat will be washed away if it goes in a strong current, but still one has to travel on it. If someone falls ill, then only he has to be supported. Many times one has to spend his time in the open sky. We live with the help of gunny bags in the rain. He has demanded complete arrangements from the government so that there is no problem in floods.

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