Viral Video: Unique river, stops when a human being walks, starts flowing when it stops! How did this become possible?

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 10:27 AM IST

Optical Illusion: Whatever you are seeing in this world, it is not necessary that it is actually present or in the same way as you are seeing it. Sometimes things are not as they appear to us. Such things can also be an optical illusion. Recently, similar confusion is being seen in a river, which people are mistaking as a unique river. The specialty of this river (River stops moving with human movement video) is that it stops when a person walks and when a person stops, the river starts moving. Know how this miracle is possible?

Don’t consider it as magic, miracle or any supernatural thing because it is just a trick of the eyes. You can understand this as optical illusion. Amazing science videos are posted on the Instagram account @amazingsciencez which are related to science. Recently a similar video has been shared in which a river (river stop optical illusion) is seen flowing. A woman is recording this video. As soon as she starts walking with the camera, the river stops flowing, it seems as if it has suddenly paused. But as soon as the woman stops, the river starts flowing again.

Unique example of optical illusion
This is happening because of optical illusion. This is called Parallax Effect. Actually, our brain assesses the relative motion of objects in the foreground. Explain according to this video, you can see that the woman is sitting in a car. When the car starts moving, the sheet of snow and the wooden twigs which are visible right in front also start moving. Compared to that the river seems stagnant. But when the car stops, the foreground in front stops and the river starts moving. This is often seen in common life, just we do not pay attention.

video is going viral
This video has got more than 15 lakh views and many people have given their feedback by commenting. One said that the person must have paused the river. One said that it happens because of relative velocity. One said that he was looking at the mountains, he did not understand what was being shown in the video! Some people even called the video itself fake.

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