The owner of 116 crores was ruined, he made a mistake in his youth, now he is selling windows in his old age!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 7:46 AM IST

If luck is kind then you get Lakshmi while sitting at home, but if this luck reverses then even a billionaire does not take time to become a pauper. Such was the case with two business partners who won a whopping £22,590,829 jackpot. Since he was a partner, he invested the money in half in his own way. When one of them told his story, it was convinced that no one can get anything more than luck.

According to the Mirror’s report, in the year 1995 i.e. 28 years ago, Mark Gardiner had won the lottery and he got £11 million i.e. Rs 116 crore through Jackpot. Even after earning such a huge amount, Mark, who lives in East Sussex, England, still runs his house by selling windows. He has told that what was that mistake, which made him so heavy.

Where did Rs 116 crore go?
Mark has told that when he got all the money, he started investing it. This is where he started making mistakes. They put the money at such places from where they suffered losses. Not only him, but his fourth wife Brenda also made wrong investments and crores of rupees went out of his hands. Although he had invested 2 million euros in his company named Craft Glass and also invested in United Football Club. These two decisions turned out to be correct, due to which he is living his life by working even at the age of 61.

Some money really came in handy…
Mark explains that it is not that all his money was wasted. He bought a house in Barbados and is still associated with the football club. He believes that if he had got this jackpot at the age of 61, the scene would have been different. They don’t have to work. Mark still plays the lottery and uses the 1995 numbers only. That thing is different that luck is not always kind.

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