The contractor made the most ridiculous parking lot, the car parkers felt sorry, the junk turned out like this

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 7:04 AM IST

In today’s time, whenever a building is constructed, a parking area is also made along with it. Everyone has a car now. In such a situation, a parking area is made to keep these vehicles safe. If there is no parking area, then people have to face a lot of problems. The concept behind building a parking area is to keep your car safe. But what if this parking area itself damages the car?

One such video is going viral on social media. In this, a car was seen parked in the parking area. People are calling this parking area the most ridiculous parking spot in the world. Actually, while making it, the contractor made a big mistake. Because of this, the car installed here is facing a lot of damage. Many people told this parking area as a scary dream.

bad car condition
In the video going viral, a car was seen parked in the parking lot. Water was falling on the car with a lot of force. This force was so much that the rear glass of the car broke. Also, water was seen filled inside the car. The builder of the car parking did not even think about the fact that if the water accumulated from above falls below the force during rains, then the cars parked there will be damaged. A person made a video of it and shared it on social media, from where it went viral.

people told nonsense
This video was shared on Instagram. Till now it has been seen millions of times. During the rainy season, pipes were removed in the parking area itself to drain the water accumulated on the roof of the building. This water falls directly on the car below. The force of the water is so much that it breaks even the glass of the car. In the comment box of the video, people described this parking as the worst. One person wrote that the car would be safer without parking. At the same time, one wrote in the comment that God save us from such parking.

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