This Lal of Bihar is the messiah of the disabled, his exploits are older than his age

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 11:39 PM IST

Gulshan Kashyap /Jamui, At the age of 21, a person is doing something that people of considerable age are not able to do. At the age when people usually do sports and have fun, at that age this young man is taking up the responsibilities of his family. Rather rising above them, he is also discharging his social responsibilities. There is so much love and respect for the differently-abled people in him, for the last 4 years this person has done such a thing, which hardly anyone would be able to do.

Helping Divyangjans has been coming, got inspiration from here

Pawan Kumar Paswan, a resident of Sarari village of Sadar block area of ​​Jamui district, has come as a helper for the disabled people. Pawan helps the Divyangjan who are in trouble for the last 4 years. Actually, Pawan fixes the bad tricycle of the disabled and for this he does not even take any money.

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In any area of ​​the district, if a Divyangjan’s battery operated tricycle or normal tricycle breaks down, he reaches there and fixes it free of cost and if the battery of someone’s tricycle gets damaged and he is not financially able to install a new battery, then Pawan helps him financially.

Arrangements have also been made to take him to the hospital at night.

Not only this, Pawan Kumar Paswan also provides emergency facilities at night for the people of nearby villages of Sarari. If someone’s health worsens between 10 pm and 3 am in the nearby village and he has to be taken to the hospital in an emergency, Pawan takes him to the hospital in his e-rickshaw.

Pawan is also doing this work as a free service. Pawan told that he got this inspiration from MP Chirag Paswan about 4 years ago. After this, he has been continuously doing social service work. He said that he is from poor family and can feel the condition of poor. So decided to help them.

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