Asia’s largest library is here in India, there are more than 9 lakh books including scriptures of 7 religions

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 10:11 PM IST

Prataparam / Jaisalmer. Albert Einstein said ‘The only thing you should know is the address of the library. When the name of Pokaran Thar comes, automatically a scene of desert and sand dunes starts forming in the mind, but someone would have thought that there is a place in the middle of these sand dunes, where there is an immense store of knowledge. The border district of Jaisalmer, located on the Indo-Pak border amidst the hot sand dunes of the desert, has its own identity on the world map. In this district, the famous scenic spot Bhadariarai Mata Temple is situated between Jaisalmer-Pokaran. Here Jagdamba Seva Samiti has laid the foundation of a huge library. It is the biggest library in Asia.

four thousand people can sit together

About 562 shelves have been made here for the care and protection of books, in which lakhs of books have been kept. A rack of 16 thousand feet has been made here, books will also be kept in it. Eighteen rooms have also been constructed here to keep them. Out of the four galleries built here, two are about 275 feet long and two are about 370 feet long. A separate hall measuring 60 x 365 feet has been constructed for study in the library. Four thousand people can sit here together.

Complete collection of 7 religions is here

Complete literature of seven religions out of total 11 religions of the world is available in this library. All the books of law published till date, Ayurveda, complete series of Vedas, Constitution of India, Constitution of the world, works of German author F. Max Müller, Puranas, Books of Encyclopedia, Ayurveda, History, Smritis, Upanishads, Speeches of all the Prime Ministers of the country, thousands of types of books including various research books are available here. Along with this, this library has a collection of books in Hindi, Sanskrit, English languages ​​as well as in Urdu, Persian, Persian, Arabic and Tamil manuscripts.

It is said about the books here that they were either brought by Bhadriya Maharaj or he got them as a gift. The maintenance of Bhadariya Library is done by Jagdamba Seva Samiti, which was formed by Bhadariya Maharaj himself.

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