This mansion was built 100 years ago only for entertainment … Today it is a heritage hotel

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 8:46 PM IST

Naresh Pareek / Churu.Churu, known as the gateway of Thar, is famous for its art and its high-rise havelis. The havelis here, which hypnotize anyone at first sight, are the first choice of foreign tourists today. The most interesting thing here is that Churu has no royal history. These havelis were the houses of the rich and prosperous merchants, who lived here. The paintings in the havelis are a reflection of the lifestyle of the owner, or a depiction of the fashion of the time such as traveling in a car or train.

Presenting a unique example of unique architecture, these pictures engraved on these havelis look as if they were painted today. The doors of the havelis are also intricately designed and one could spend a whole day admiring them. One such haveli is Malji’s room which was built by Seth Malchand Kothari in 1925 for his entertainment. Lime has been used in the construction of this mansion which is about 100 years old, its roof is of Dhole. In this, Italian artwork, murals and carvings add beauty to its beauty and today it is the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists. At present, the first heritage hotel of the district is being operated in this haveli where domestic and foreign tourists can enjoy luxury facilities.

Seth ji used to come here for entertainment
Guide Lalsingh tells that this mansion was built by Seth Malchand Kothari for his entertainment. Where he used to spend time with his royal friends. There is a square in the middle of this haveli known as Malji’s room and there is a small gallery outside the rooms for the audience gallery and also above it. Presently this mansion is being used for a commercial purpose after being sold. The name of this years old mansion has been changed to Hotel Malji. In which there is a hall with 12 rooms and a garden in front.


FIRST PUBLISHED : July 24, 2023, 20:39 IST