Effect of Mother Goddess! Dog and cat became friends in this temple of Meerut, people are coming to see

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 7:20 PM IST

Vishal Bhatnagar/Meerut: You must have often heard about many such religious places, where even violent to violent push starts behaving like a straight cow. But we will show you like this now. A pet dog and a wild cat live like friends in a religious place in Meerut. Whoever sees this scene, at first he cannot believe how the dog and cat became friends.

A different scene is being seen in Badhla Kaithwadi, 20 kilometers away from Meerut, where the friendship of dog and cat is discussed in the whole district. Actually, there is a temple of Mother Jhandewali Devi in ​​this village. In this premises, the unique friendship of dog and cat is being seen these days. Mahant Kardam Muni Maharaj of the temple told that the dog is his pet. He named him Chetak.

as if apart
At the same time, this wild cat comes to the temple premises everyday. But seeing the friendship of these two, he has also named the cat Sumo. Call these two by name and they come running to them. Not only this, she says that if they do not see each other then they become restless. They are seen running here and there to find each other. As soon as they meet each other, they behave in such a manner as if they had met after separation.

Miraculous effect of mother!
The mahant of the temple even claims that if any person enters the premises of this temple with hatred, then his behavior also becomes like that of a friend. Please tell that people are coming from far and wide to see the friendship of these two dogs and cats in the Jhandewali Devi temple. This temple was built by the descendants of Arjuna of Mahabharata.

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