There will be many Modi ‘devotees’…but will not be like Ramchandra! Fasting for PM, after padayatra now sweeping

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 6:47 PM IST

Pradeep Sahu / Charkhi Dadri: What would you say if someone decides to change the picture of the world at the stage of age at which it becomes difficult for a human being to move around? Yes, 71-year-old Ramchandra Swami of Kari Mod village of Charkhi Dadri considers himself a devotee of PM Narendra Modi.

He has been engaged in the cleanliness campaign of the country for 9 years. Ramchandra Swamy, influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, picked up the broom so that he could do something for the country. Since then, he has been busy cleaning public places free of cost with his broom and he has run a continuous cleanliness drive at many places in Haryana and Gujarat.

Ramchandra, who considers PM Modi as Lord Krishna, calls himself poor Sudama. He has also traveled twice till Delhi to meet PM Modi, but could not meet him. Because of his faith in Narendra Modi, people know him by the name of Modi bhakt.

fasting for PM
Ramchandra Swami, a resident of Karimod village, used to work as a truck driver and often used to travel to Gujarat. Impressed by the works there, faith in Narendra Modi arose in his mind. On the other hand, when Narendra Modi was declared the face of the post of Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he kept a fast for three months and nine days, wishing him to become the Prime Minister.

Campaigning with PM
In the year 2014, when the Prime Minister started the cleanliness campaign by lifting the broom after becoming the PM, Ramchandra also left the truck driving and picked up the broom and got involved in the cleanliness campaign. Ramchandra keeps an omni car since then and always keeps a broom in it and reaches different places and engages in cleaning the main markets, square-intersections and public places.

Engaged in free service for nine years
Ramchandra has been engaged in his work for the last nine years with the spirit of service without any greed or greed. Told that he has given a written affidavit that no one will be responsible if he meets with an accident or dies while doing sanitation work anywhere. He himself will be responsible and instead of this no grant or any financial assistance should be given to his family members. He wants to work only and only with the spirit of service.

Many gram panchayats have honored
Apart from public places, Ramchandra cleans the entire village single-handedly by reaching villages. Many panchayats have given him citations for this. Apart from this, they run continuous campaigns in public places and main markets. He has run cleanliness campaigns many times in Gujarat as well, whose certificates are with him.

Last wish is to meet Modi
Ramchandra, who keeps Narendra Modi’s photo in the car along with the broom, wishes to meet Narendra Modi once. For this, he also tried and reached Delhi after traveling 170 kilometers on foot. But, they could not meet. At the same time, Ramchandra also says that he will not meet PM Modi on someone’s recommendation, but will meet him because of his work. He said that he considers him as Lord Krishna and hopes that one day this Sudama will definitely reach him.

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