Video: The queen of the jungle went on a walk, showing cute acts, the little prince robbed the party!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 5:46 PM IST

Lioness Walks with Cubs: You must have often seen people going on jungle safaris for a walk. During this, their wish is to see animals like tiger or lion somewhere, although this wish is not fulfilled by everyone. On the other hand, these animals become so kind to some people that all their wishes die there. By the way, seeing the video that we are going to show you today, your heart will be happy.

By the way, you must have seen many such videos of lions and lionesses, in which they are seen hunting mercilessly. Although today’s video is different from this. In this, you will see the queen of the jungle going on a walk with the children in her kingdom. The cub is also in such a fun that with the mother, he is not considering himself less than the prince of the jungle.

Cub walks with the queen of the jungle
Usually a scary looking lion-lioness and a family of cubs can also look cute. In the video going viral, you can see that the lioness has gone on a walk with her family. These people are in a herd. Some cubs are following him but the one who is walking ahead is very cute. The lioness is driving him on the right path with her feet like a football, while he is trying to run here and there doing mischief again and again. This video of mother’s patience and child’s mischief is very interesting.

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