A cheap cooker was placed on the stove, the explosion occurred as soon as the whistle was blown, the chimney became a bomb shell!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 1:34 PM IST

Most of the time of a woman is spent in the kitchen. In such a situation, this becomes the most dangerous place for him. Sometimes big accidents also happen in the kitchen. Due to these, many women also lose their lives. Sometimes she gets badly injured. A video of one such incident in the kitchen was shared on social media. In this video, the woman’s life was saved on the way.

Often we show interest in cheap things during shopping. Where money is less, we try to buy similar things. But if you try to save money even in kitchen utensils, then this video will scare you. Often people buy cheap utensils. But due to these utensils, accidents can also happen. Something similar happened with this woman. The woman was cooking food in her kitchen when the cooker on the gas exploded.

Horrible accident happened
You will be surprised to see this video shared on social media. It was captured in the CCTV installed in the kitchen of the house. In the beginning of the video, a woman was seen standing in the kitchen. She was cooking comfortably. He had put a cooker on the stove. Suddenly, as soon as the cooker blew its whistle, it exploded. The cracked cooker hit the exhaust directly above and the exhaust fell on the woman.

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