The mind of an 11-year-old child is amazing, don’t go by age, even Einstein and Hawking are left behind in IQ!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 1:23 PM IST

11 year boy gets highest possible score in IQ test: If you want to know the level of any person’s mind, then his IQ test is taken. This is such a test prepared by psychologists, which examines your mind and tells how much of a genius you really are. The IQ level of scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking is considered very high. Think if someone leaves them behind then how amazing his mind would be.

According to the report of Mirror, an 11-year-old child has done this feat and his name is Adrian Lee. This wonderkid has made his place among the 2 percent most intelligent people in the world. This child, who lives in Barnet, London, is originally from Hong Kong and his parents say that he looked different from a young age.

11 year old kid and IQ 162
Adrian Li has achieved a score of 162 in the IQ test organized by the Mensa Society. This is 2 numbers more than the score of scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Now the child has become a member of the Mensa Society, which is the club of the most intelligent people in the world. Adrian’s mother Rachel says that Adrian used to read big spellings from the age of 2. He is very interested in reading. At the age of 8, he had also started writing a novel, which was named ‘Monster Quest’.

Such geniuses are few
Adrian is fond of sports like Chess, Squash, Fencing, Skiing, Table Tennis, and Taekwondo. Although Adrian himself felt that he would score till 148 but he did not expect that he would reach 162. Growing up, Adrian wanted to become a cardiologist. His parents are very proud of him and want him to do good to the society with his immense talent.

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