The man was getting the petrol tank filled, then his wife’s phone rang, accident happened while picking it up!

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 12:39 PM IST

You must have heard many times that we should not use mobile at petrol pump. This can be very dangerous. But if people start understanding by explaining, then how can they be Indian? The people of India do only what they feel like doing. Many times people are explained that never use mobile at petrol pump. This can invite big accidents. But people are not ready to understand. They keep on using mobile even while filling petrol.

Petrol is an inflammable substance. Negligence with it can be fatal. When you use a mobile, many types of waves come out of it. Due to this, petrol can catch fire. For this reason, people are forbidden to switch off their phones before coming to the petrol pump. But there are people who do not understand at all. Once again the result of this negligence was seen in Nagpur. There was a fire due to the person using the mobile while filling the petrol.

bike burst into flames
You will also be scared to see this video shared on Instagram. Initially it looked like a normal petrol pump art scene. Where a person was filling oil in his bike tank. When the employee was pouring oil in his bike, then his mobile rang. As soon as he received the phone, there was a blast. The tank caught fire and in no time the fire spread to the bike. It was a matter of honor that the staff of the pump were active and they controlled the fire.

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