If work is done even with only two holes…then why is there a third big hole in the socket? here is the answer

By Sunil Tiwari July 25, 2023 8:23 PM IST

A switch board is installed to connect and run electric appliances at home, hotel, office or building. With this, the machines are run through electricity only by connecting the plug. Everyone knows this thing. But, if you will notice that there are many electric items in the houses which run from only two points. But, there is also a big hole in the board. Let us know for what purpose this is done.


When you look at the socket in the electric switch board in Indian homes, you will find that there are three or 5 holes in it. Any of these four Chhats are same. There is only a slight difference between them. Along with them there is a big hole on the top. (Image-Canva)


Talking about the bottom holes, current flows in one of them and the other is for neutral. Through these holes, you can run many machines comfortably even by charging the phone or just by connecting the wire. But, why is there a big hole above it. Let’s know. (Image- UnSplash)


Actually, three plug wire is available with many machines like AC, TV or laptop charger. If you remove these plugs and see only the wire, you will find that only two wires come out from inside. You can run that machine even by connecting these two wires. (Image- UnSplash)


Now let us tell you that what is the third unit given in the plug and the third hole present in the socket. Actually, it is given for earthing. The big hole provided in the socket is present for earthing. Which is given for security. (Image- UnSplash)


If there is a short circuit due to any machine, then this earthing wire takes the current to the ground and protects you from electrocution. It is made long and thick from the point of view of safety. (Image- UnSplash)