How does short circuit happen, is it possible to avoid it? Using these methods will reduce the loss

By Sunil Tiwari July 24, 2023 7:15 PM IST


Short circuit can cause fire in house, shop and office.
Wiring multiple appliances to the same plug can cause a short circuit.
Use the tips given here to avoid short circuit.

New Delhi. At some point in the house, office or shop, there must have been a short circuit in front of you. Short circuit can happen at any time of night or day. If it happens during the day, you can easily get to know about it, but when the short circuit happens at night, it can cause a huge fire in your home and office and your property worth lakhs can be burnt to ashes.

Let us tell you that an electrician would have to be called to rectify the short circuit. At the same time, due to short circuit, you must have had to spend hours without electricity. If you want that there should not be a short circuit again in your house, then you should read this news completely.

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How is short circuit
When suddenly more current starts flowing in the electrical circuit of the house, then the insulation material of the wires catches fire and both the wires stick together, this phenomenon is called short circuit. Such short circuits can also prove to be fatal at times.

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What causes short circuit
When many appliance wires are connected to a single socket or a high voltage appliance is connected to a low power socket, the flow of electricity in the wires increases gradually, which is the main reason for short circuit.

Many times the insulation of the wires gets burnt due to excessive load on the wires, due to which the face wire and neutral wire come in contact with each other, this increases the current in the circuit and causes short circuit.

How to avoid short circuit

  • Unplug the socket from the plug after use of the electric appliance.
  • Keep electric equipment, plugs and electrical cords away from water and fire.
  • Do not connect the wires of more than one electric appliance in one socket.
  • Use 16 ampere power socket and plug for appliances like AC, fridge, washing machine etc.

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