Does charging a smartphone to 40% give it longevity? Or is this a fantasy, learn here

By Sunil Tiwari July 24, 2023 7:04 PM IST


Charging 40 percent of the smartphone causes damage.
Whenever you charge the smartphone, charge it 100 percent.
There is a fear of battery explosion if left on charging for a long time.

New Delhi. There are many misconceptions about phone charging in the minds of smartphone users. Many users feel that putting the smartphone on charging overnight does not have any bad effect on its battery. If you also think like this, then you are absolutely wrong. Let us tell you that by putting the smartphone on charging for a long time, its battery gets damaged quickly.

At the same time, many people feel that if the smartphone is charged 40 percent, then its battery lasts for a long time. Here we are going to remove this misconception of the users, in which we will tell you how long the smartphone should be charged.

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What happens when a smartphone is charged 40 percent?
If you charge the smartphone to 40 percent or so, then you are going to spoil the battery of your phone quickly. Let us tell you that whenever you start charging the smartphone, remove it from the charging port only after it is fully charged.

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How long does it take for a smartphone to be fully charged?
Nowadays, fast speed charging smartphones are coming in the market, which get fully charged in 40-45 minutes. On the other hand, it takes 2-3 hours for a normal smartphone to be fully charged. In such a situation, you should not leave your smartphone in charging all night. If you do this, then the battery of your smartphone will get damaged quickly.

This problem comes from overcharging the battery
If you keep the smartphone plugged in all night, then the battery of your smartphone can swell, as well as overcharging, the battery of the smartphone also explodes many times. That’s why the smartphone should be turned off after 100 percent charge.

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