Many diseases are caused by using more phones, anxiety and aggression are common, you will be shocked to know more

By Sunil Tiwari July 24, 2023 6:42 PM IST


Smartphone use is more harmful.
There is a high possibility of anxiety and aggression.
There is difficulty in focusing due to the use of smartphone.

New Delhi. Till a few years ago, the phone was used only for talking, but ever since the internet revolution took place in the country and smartphones started coming in the budget price, since then they started being used for conversation as well as for entertainment. There are many people who use the smartphone for 14-14 hours.

Let us tell you that excessive use of smartphone can prove to be harmful at times. The blue light emanating from the phone weakens the eyes, along with it many serious diseases like anxiety and aggression can also occur. If you are also using the smartphone more, then you must read this news completely.

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focus problems
If a user uses mobile more, then he cannot concentrate on any work. This happens because due to repeated notifications on the mobile, users keep on turning on the smartphone to see the notification. In such a situation, by using more smartphones, you cannot complete any work by concentrating.

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depression problem
It has been seen in the users who use more smartphones that they often complain of anxiety and depression. If you are also using smartphone more then you should be careful, because it is very difficult to identify anxiety and depression.

temper tantrums
Excessive use of smartphone can cause irritability in your nature. In such a situation, you start getting angry on people, due to which your personal relations with people get spoiled, along with this you may also have the problem of high blood pressure.

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