Ransomware Akira which steals personal data to extort money Center cautions internet users against it – News18 Hindi

By Sunil Tiwari July 24, 2023 6:31 PM IST


It steals sensitive data first.
Money is asked to return the data.
The government has asked the users to be alert.

New Delhi. Now a new ransomware virus named Akira is spreading rapidly on the Internet. It is stealing data by accessing people’s computers and laptops and taking it in its possession. Instead of returning the data, the cyber criminals who spread the virus are demanding money. This Akira Ransomware is targeting Windows and Linux based systems.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), working under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has now issued a warning regarding Ransomware Akira. The virus is encrypting the data of users who are affected by Akira in their own computers. Because of this the user cannot see his own data nor can he use it. Instead of de-crypting this data, money is being sought as ransom.

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CERT-In said in its advisory, “The new ransomware Akira is active in cyberspace. It first steals sensitive data, then encrypts that data. Then money is demanded from the victim. If the victim doesn’t pay, the data is put on the Dark Web.”

How does Akira work?
This virus enters through VPN ie Virtual Private Network and platform without multi-factor authentication. Akira is taking over the files in the folders of the hard drive. At the same time, it is not encrypting the files present in program data, recycle bin, boot, windows folder etc.

How to defend?
Akira virus takes entry in your laptop and other devices including mobile with tools like AnyDesk WinRAR and PCHunter. In such a situation, these tools should be used carefully. Another way to avoid this is to keep updating your device at regular intervals.
Always using anti virus in your computer, laptop and mobile also provides protection from malware. Ransomware virus captures computer data, so keep offline backup of important data as well. Keep the operating system and app updated, cyber criminals will not be able to infiltrate the computer by resorting to old loopholes.

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