Good news for the cricket fans of Jharkhand, Ranchi got to host the Test match, know when the match will be held

By Nishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 11:46 PM IST

Ranchi. Once again there is good news for the cricket fans of Jharkhand. Ranchi’s JSCA International Cricket Stadium has once again hosted the Test match. BCCI has released the cricket schedule for 2023-24 and informed about it through a tweet. According to the information, from January 25, 2024, a series of five Test matches will be played between India and England. The fourth Test of this series will be held in Ranchi.

This Test match will be played from 23 February 2024 at the JSCA Stadium in Ranchi. The first Test of the series will be played in Hyderabad, second in Visakhapatnam, third in Rajkot, fourth in Ranchi and fifth in Dharamshala. Obviously, the cricket fans of Ranchi will get to see the international cricket for 5 days. In fact, after JSCA did not get hosting in the ODI World Cup, many questions started to arise. Through a tweet, the BCCI has shared the information about India-Afghanistan matches along with the ODI series to be played between India and Australia in September this year.

Three ODIs and 5 T20 matches will be played between India and Australia. The first ODI will be played in Mohali on September 22, Indore on September 24, Rajkot on September 27. Apart from this, information about five T20 matches between India and Australia to be held in November this year has also been shared. The first T20 will be played in Visakhapatnam on 23 November, Trivandrum on 26 November, Guwahati on 28 November, Nagpur on 1 December and the fifth T20 on 3 December in Hyderabad.

A T20 match was played between India and New Zealand on January 27 this year at Ranchi’s JSCA Stadium. The last and last Test at JSCA was played between India and South Africa on 19 October 2019. Cricket and sports lovers are very happy that Ranchi is once again hosting the Test match.

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