Exclusive: What is West Indies’ relation with Banaras’s Assi Ghat, where in Trinidad do you get ‘Ganga Juice’ and ‘Moksha Melon’

By Nishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 7:57 PM IST

port of Spain. Can you imagine a shop or dish like ‘Ganga Juice Centre’ or ‘Moksha Melon’ in West Indies. One can get the feel of Banaras or Assi Ghat. Whatever may be your answer, West Indies not only has such a place, but it is also very popular. This center which gives a feel of Indianness is in Trinidad and Tobago, which Sunil Gavaskar considers his second home. Pranita Tiwari runs Ganga Juice and Fruit Center in Trinidad and Tobago. Pranitha is the wife of former West Indies cricketer and commentator Darren Ganga. News18 Hindi spoke exclusively to Pranitha Tiwari, who speaks Hindi and Bhojpuri bindass. Highlights of the conversation:

  • What is your relation with Banaras?

    I was born in Australia. But I like to talk in Hindi. My brothers and sisters will laugh a lot after hearing this Hindi. But whenever I get a chance, she talks in Hindi. My parents and family are from Banaras. We live at Assi Ghat. I have been to Banaras many times. My uncle lives in Banaras only.

  • How did the idea of ​​opening a shop in the West Indies come about?

    I wanted to do something of my own right from the beginning. I am proud to be an Indian. That’s why I wanted to do something that would make me feel connected to my roots. Even though I was not born in India. Still I am very close to my roots.

  • How did the idea of ​​Banaras come about?

    When the lockdown happened in 2020, I came to Trinidad. I saw that there is no juice bar here. That too fresh juice. Not the one that is available in the supermarket. Whereas when I lived in New York, all this was easily available there. So I got the idea of ​​opening such a shop. When I talked to Darren Ganga, he also supported. I used to drink ginger tea since childhood. Thought to work on this idea. We are from India. That’s why many dishes were made keeping India in mind. For example, turmeric-ginger wellness shots, which quickly became very popular.

  • The names of many of your dishes are Indian. Why is that good?

    We have kept many such dishes here, which I have learned from my mother, grandmother or Darren’s mother. Similarly, the name of a dish is Moksha Melon, which is taken from Sri Lanka. Similarly, we have prepared soup based on Vitamin C by taking C from Varanasi. Soup is given by mixing orange, lemon, garlic, ginger… in it.

  • What is the message of the picture of Assi Ghat?

    I put a picture here which reminds me of Banaras i.e. Kashi’s Assi Ghat. My family, aunt, uncle all live there in Assi Ghat. I go there many times. Seeing this picture of Assi Ghat, people want to know this place. I feel happy when I tell them. Many people from Trinidad want to go there.

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    FIRST PUBLISHED : July 25, 2023, 19:44 IST