Increasing age has a profound effect in Tests, someone’s balls have lost their sharpness, while someone’s power has become a week.

By Nishu Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:02 PM IST


Growing age became a problem for Sachin Tendulkar in Tests.
Ricky Ponting was struggling towards the end of his career.

New Delhi. Many great batsmen and bowlers have been seen in the cricket world. Who made a mountain of runs, be it ODI, T20 or Test. But where a player can compromise with his age in T20 and ODI format, the same player has to face many problems in Test cricket. We are going to talk about 3 such legendary players, who have many big records in the cricket world. But there came a time when in test cricket, in his growing age, his power was made a weekend.

Wasim Akram- There is more effect of age on bowlers than on batsmen. Something similar happened with former Pakistan legend Wasim Akram. The Sultan of Swing had defeated many big players with his sharp bowling in his youth. But his bowling faded with age. Akram, who made his debut in 1985, had established his footing by 1999. During this, he had taken 383 wickets in 91 Tests. Meanwhile, he had opened his paw 22 times. But when he turned 35, he took only 31 wickets in 13 matches. After which he retired from Test in 2002.

Sachin Tendulkar- The name of Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the ‘God of Cricket’, is also included in the list of these players. The effect of age was such a shadow on our Master Blaster that he scored just 1229 runs in his last 23 Test matches at an average of 32.34. Where his name was in 100 centuries, that master blaster could not score a single century in these matches. November 16, 2013, was the day when everyone’s eyes were moist for the farewell of the greatest player of cricket.

Ricky Ponting- Former Australia veteran Ricky Ponting also made many big records. But when age took its toll, his time spent on the field in Tests was seen to be heavy. He retired from Test cricket in December 2012. Between 2010 and 2012, Ponting scored 1058 runs in 18 Test matches at an average of just 34.12. Earlier, he had scored more than 12000 runs in 150 Tests with 39 centuries. Not only this, the pull shot, which was his power, eventually became his weekend.

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