6 collagen-rich foods, aging will stop, instead of expensive supplements, include them in the diet

By Divya Ray July 26, 2023 2:12 AM IST


With age, the production of collagen starts decreasing rapidly.
Things rich in Vitamin C help in increasing collagen.

Foods That Increase Collagen Levels: The production of collagen is very important to keep the skin young. It is a protein that works to maintain the structure of the skin. But when our age increases, their production starts decreasing. Due to which the skin of the face starts getting thinner and wrinkles start increasing. This process increases every year. But when you include those things in your diet that work to increase the production of collagen, then it affects the skin and the aging process slows down. So let’s know which things you can reduce the aging process by including in your diet.

Include these collagen rich foods in the diet

According to, white meat i.e. chicken works to increase our collagen production. In fact, such tissues are found in abundance in chicken which is a rich source of dietary collagen.

Collagen is found in abundance in the bones and ligaments of fish. It is also easily absorbed in the body. Research has found that maximum collagen is found in the skin of fish.

egg white
Proline is found in abundance in egg whites. It is a type of amino acid that works to increase the production of collagen.

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citrus fruits
Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C also help a lot in increasing the production of procollagen. You must include fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit in your diet.

Vitamin C is also found in abundance in different types of berries, which works to increase the production of collagen. It is also rich in antioxidants which are good for the skin.

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Sulfur is found in garlic which helps in breakdown of collagen. Therefore, if you include garlic in your diet daily, it can reduce the speed of aging by increasing collagen production.

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