Worried about constipation? Eat these 4 raw vegetables mixed with curd, the disease will be cured, there will be no need of medicines

By Divya Ray July 26, 2023 1:57 AM IST


Due to unhealthy eating habits, the problem of constipation has become common.
If left untreated, it can also cause diseases like piles.
For this, cucumber, cucumber and onion along with curd are the best options.

Diet for constipation: Nowadays the problem of constipation has become common due to unhealthy eating habits. Most people do not take this problem seriously. But it is wrong to do so. If it is not treated in time, it can cause many other diseases. Please tell that, if constipation is more serious then it can also cause diseases like piles. To get rid of it, people resort to medicines. But do you know that the problem of constipation can also be overcome with some home remedies. Yes, curd present in every household works like a panacea for this. However, eating some vegetables mixed with it is considered more beneficial. Dietician and Diabetes Educator at IA Government Medical College, Kannauj Rohit Yadav Let us know which raw vegetables should be eaten mixed with curd in constipation-

Eating these 4 raw vegetables with curd will remove constipation

Curd-cucumber combination: Curd is the best option to eliminate constipation. Apart from this, if you add cucumber to it, it will be more effective. Tell that, where curd is rich in probiotics, on the other hand, fiber and water are found in cucumber, which does not allow stool to accumulate in the intestine. That’s why curd and cucumber should be consumed regularly in the morning in constipation. This will cure the disease of constipation.

Curd-cucumber combination: Consumption of curd and cucumber is enough to end constipation. Because cucumber is also considered a good source of fiber. Most people eat cucumber in salads etc. If you want to get rid of constipation then cucumber should be eaten with curd. For this, one bowl of curd and one cucumber can be eaten regularly.

Curd-spinach combination: Both curd and spinach are considered very beneficial for health. If you eat a combination of these two, you get relief from the problem of constipation. For this, put half a bowl of finely chopped spinach in a bowl of curd. After that keep it covered. Consume it after about 1 hour. By doing this you will get rid of constipation soon.

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Curd-Onion Combination: Combination of curd and onion is also considered beneficial to remove constipation. Most of the people also eat it by making raita etc. But if you are troubled by constipation, then eating curd and onion mixed is the best option. The combination of these two works effectively for constipation. For this, you can consume a bowl of curd and a medium sized chopped onion in it.

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