Science solved the puzzle, what symptoms appear in the body before death, can be easily identified

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 7:31 PM IST

Death Signs: It is certainly very difficult to predict the exact time of someone’s death. However, the human body starts giving signs of death some time in advance. If the symptoms are identified by carefully observing the changes happening in someone’s body, then it can be known that his death is about to happen. According to researchers, there are changes in the body, skin, eyes and respiratory system of a person who has reached near death. Some of these are so clearly visible that the time of death is easily known. Still it is impossible to tell that when will be the time of death?

Researchers say that if a person is about to die, he starts closing his eyes for a longer period of time. Sometimes his eyes remain half open. Along with this, the muscles of the face start to look very relaxed. The jaw remains slightly open most of the time. The skin gradually starts turning yellow. There is a change in the speed of breathing. People who have reached near death make more noise while breathing. At the same time, in some people, the process of slow breathing starts without sound.

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What are the symptoms of being very close to death
If a person has reached very close to death, then he reduces breathing very much. Such people breathe intermittently. Many times it seems as if after breathing once, he did not breathe for some time. The interval between breathing and exhalation of some people increases so much that again and again it seems as if they have died. At the very last moment, people breathe only two or three times in a minute. Due to the interval of every coming and going breath for some time before the breath stops forever, it seems that everything is over.

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When some people reach near death, the interval between breathing increases so much that every time the close ones feel as if everything is over.

Does everyone have the same experience?
Now the question arises whether every person has the same experience at the time of death. Researchers say on this that for some people the moment of death hurts a lot. Maybe he wants to talk to someone or wants to talk to family and friends. Some people want to be completely alone in the last time. Some people feel very sad. The people around cannot even imagine what the dying person is feeling. The moment of death takes the dying person by surprise. Researchers say that every person’s experience of death, grief and sadness at that time is different.

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it is natural for loved ones to be sad
It is a 100% natural reaction for the close ones to feel sad after someone’s death. Being sad, crying or shedding tears on someone’s death is a very important thing. For some people, this moment can be very painful of emotions. Everyone close can also feel it differently. Until one does not completely get out of this suffering, it is natural to be sad or tearful. It should not be stopped at all. Often the feelings immediately after the death of a close person are extremely painful. Apart from emotional pain, there are also physical reactions in close ones. These also include such reactions, which have never happened before.

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On someone’s death, there are some unexpected physical reactions along with emotional in some close ones.

Some close ones take time to recover
Some people start recovering from the grief of the death of a close one very soon. Whereas, for some it may take some time. The sooner those who are able to accept the death of their close ones, the sooner they recover from grief. Different people feel ready to return to normal life at different times. It does not mean at all that people returning to normal life soon have forgotten the person who died. Actually, such people accept the death of their family members sooner than others. However, some people may take a few months to recover. Such people should mingle with as many people as possible.

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