Walls have been damaged due to dampness in the rain, change the look in 5 ways, will look like new

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 7:09 PM IST


During the rainy season, moisture comes down on the walls of many houses.
Simple ways will help in giving a new look to the old walls.

Wall Decoration Tips: People adopt many ways to decorate the walls of the house, but many times it is necessary to give a different look to the walls, not as a hobby but under compulsion. In fact, in the rainy season, dampness is often seen descending on the walls in old houses. Many times, when the house is very old, the walls start cracking, in such a situation, some such methods are needed to maintain the good look of the walls, which not only hides the moisture and cracks of the walls, but also makes the walls look beautiful.
If you are also facing a similar problem during the monsoon season, then we will tell you 5 easy ways to decorate the walls, with the help of which damp walls can be given a nice look.

easy ways to decorate walls

wall decals If you want to give a different look to your old looking walls or want to hide the moisture or cracks on the wall, then you can use wall decals ie wall stickers. Wall decals can be applied wherever the wall is looking bad. These can act as wall tattoos. Wall decals can not only change the look of your wall, but people can also like this new fashion very much.

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Cover with texture Texture can be used to hide old walls or damp walls. A classy look can be given to the house by using texter. For this, texture colors like flat plaster paddle or padded velvet can also be used. Apart from this, wall paper can also be used in damp places.

Mirror and Wall Hanging – Wall defects can be hidden in a number of ways. Mirror and wall hanging can also be a good option in this. A mirror can be installed on the wall where there are cracks or spots. Along with this, a different look can be given to the wall by decorating it with wall hangings. Weeded curtains can be used instead of plain curtains to suppress the imperfections of the wall.

blank frame If the wall has become too old and want to give it a different look, then for this the walls can be decorated with empty frames after texture. Many people do not like to have photo scenery on the walls, in this case empty frames will give a different look to the walls and this fashion can also impress the people coming to your home.

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greeting card display The spots or dampness that have emerged on the wall due to rain can also be suppressed to a great extent with the help of greeting card display. Displays can be prepared with greeting cards on any wall where dampness is being felt. For this, you can buy them from the market or you can make them at home. This can help in making the house beautiful.

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