Eye Flu: Eye flu infection is spreading rapidly, follow these tips to stay safe

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 6:02 PM IST

Shashwat Singh / Jhansi: Along with the country, the cases of eye flu are increasing continuously in UP as well. Eye flu disease which in common language is called ‘Aankh Aana’. While the cases of eye flu increase significantly during the rainy days. Whereas daily a large number of patients are reaching the hospitals with complaints of itching and burning sensation in the eyes. On investigation, the case is coming out of flu. In fact, due to high humidity during the rainy days, the virus of eye flu spreads rapidly. In these two to three months, this disease is at its peak.

Jhansi’s ophthalmologist Dr. Prabhat Chaurasia told that during eye flu disease, itching in the eyes, redness of the eyes and excessive mucus in the eyes are seen. Most importantly, this disease spreads by touch. Along with this, he said that if a person has got this disease, then he should not come out of his house. Keep washing eyes regularly.

Take help from these tips

If the eye starts turning red, never itch with your hand.

Keep washing your hands regularly.

Always wear dark glasses.

Wash eyes twice a day with cold water.

Put only the drops prescribed by the eye specialist.

Maintain hygiene, do not share your towel or handkerchief with anyone.

If there is an infection, take leave and stay at home.

Eat immunity boosting food.

Consume more fruits.

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