Here in Lucknow, eat a lot of food for only 10 rupees, these people get free food

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 2:25 PM IST

Rishabh Chaurasia / Lucknow. The capital Lucknow is world famous for its distinctive food culture. A unique place here has won the hearts of people with its simple and delicious food. If you too are busy in office or business work all day long and are looking for home like food, then ‘Hanumat-Kripa Bhojan Seva’ is the ideal destination for you. Here you will get dal rice, curry rice or chickpea rice in just 10 rupees.

Its director Prateek Bhanu Singh’s father Shishupal Singh said that this service is being run since 2018 and his aim is to provide pure, sattvic and tasty food to the poor, devotees and general public. This service is being operated near Balrampur and Hanuman Setu in Lucknow.

These people get free food
Shishupal Singh told that if someone does not have money to eat, he gives them free food in the form of Prasad. The people who come here say that they get home-like food for only 10 rupees. Whose taste leaves behind even big hotels and restaurants.

food is available here
This initiative of Hanumat-Kripa Bhojan Seva is not only proving to be a blessing for the people of Lucknow, but it is also a ray of hope for those who are looking for cheap and tasty food after their hard day’s work. If you also want to come here and have food, then you have to come to Hanuman Setu Temple, Old Birbal Sahni Marg, Lucknow. You can easily reach by auto/cab from Charbagh Railway Station.

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