Street Food: The succulent taste of Tedhi Jalebi, you will not be able to forget this 48 year old shop in Chhapra

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 12:53 PM IST

Vishal Kumar / Chhapra. The mouth starts watering as soon as the thought of Jalebi comes to mind. There is more than one delicious sweet available in the market. You will also find one to one sweet in Chhapra of Bihar. People here are also very fond of eating sweets. You must have eaten special sweet Jalebi at different places of Chhapra, but there is a special shop for it in Daudpur market. The jalebi here is very tasty. To eat it, you have to go to Nag Narayan Rai Jalebi shop near Daudpur market of Chhapra.

The Jalebi here is very famous for its taste and size. Those who taste it once, definitely come here again. This shop of Nag Narayan Rai is more than 48 years old. People from every corner of Chhapra reach to eat Jalebi in this shop. People here have a tremendous craze for Jalebi.

48 year old jalebi shop

Local Nagendra Rai told that Nag Narayan Rai has been feeding Jalebi to Chhapra residents for the last 48 years. Although Nag Narayan Rai never compromised on the quality of Jalebi. Regarding the taste of Jalebi, the customer Shailendra Kumar said that he has been eating Jalebi here for the last 5 years. The taste that used to be found in the Jalebi here is the same even today. He told that this shop by the name of Nag Narayan Rai Jalebi is very famous in Chhapra. Now the son of Nag Narayan is running this shop. The special thing is that the same taste of the sweet is still intact.

Daily consumption of 80 kg

Jalebi shopkeeper Nag Narayan Rai told that for Jalebi, he gets gram flour from rural areas after getting it prepared in a mill. Jalebi is prepared on the flame of coal. After taking out the jalebi, it is left in the air for some time. It is given to people to eat when it cools down a bit. Because of this the taste of Jalebi becomes very special and people come from far and wide to buy it. He told that Jalebi is sold at Rs 120 per kg. While people are given one piece of Jalebi for five rupees. Shopkeeper Nag Narayan Rai told that 70 to 80 kg of Jalebi is consumed daily at this shop.

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