World IVF Day: IVF process is most successful among women of this age

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 11:48 AM IST


IVF process is more successful in young women.
Women are made pregnant through IVF.

What is IVF Process: In the last few years, the trend of IVF treatment has increased rapidly across the country. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is commonly referred to as IVF. People who are not able to become parents in a natural way, they are fulfilling their dream of having a child through this technique. World IVF Day is celebrated every year on 25 July to spread the right information about IVF to the people. According to experts, IVF is a safe method by which the process of fertilization is completed. Today we will tell you what is IVF process and in which age it is most successful in women. We will also know how effective IVF treatment is in older women.

of New Delhi Dr. Ramya Mishra, Senior Consultant, Apollo Fertility, Lajpat Nagar According to IVF is a process of fertilization. With the help of IVF technology, eggs are extracted from the ovaries of women and combined with sperms of men in the lab. Then the embryo is prepared from it in the lab itself. After preparing this embryo, it is delivered to the woman’s uterus through lining. For couples who are unable to conceive naturally or for women whose pregnancy does not stop, the help of IVF treatment is taken. Every year lakhs of people are getting the happiness of a child through IVF. This process is also considered safe and successful. Its trend is increasing continuously.

IVF is more effective in women of which age?

Dr. Ramya Mishra says that the IVF process is generally considered very successful. Although its success rate depends on many things. First of all, it is seen that what grade is the embryo prepared in the lab. The second most important thing is the age of the woman. If both these things are perfect, then the chances of success of IVF are highest. If we talk about the age of women, then the success rate of IVF is highest in women below 35 years of age. After this age, the fertility of women starts declining and the IVF process is also less successful in such women. IVF can also be unsuccessful in some cases. However, after examining it, the doctor treats it, due to which the problem can be removed and the IVF process can be successful.

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In what cases IVF can fail?

According to fertility experts, women or men who have fertility problems are first treated. If women have any problem, which cannot be detected at the right time, then the IVF process can fail. This process can sometimes fail in older women. Although this process is completely successful, many types of measures are taken for this. First of all, the couples are thoroughly examined. If there is a problem related to fertility or any other kind, then first that problem is properly treated. Doing this helps in making IVF more effective. Before IVF, the capacity of the woman’s uterus and the sperm quality of men are examined. IVF treatment is given after the completion of the investigation.

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